Ring Sizing


At Diamond Gallery Jewellery, we’re dedicated to ensuring your rings fit flawlessly.
That’s why we’re thrilled to offer complimentary resizing within six months of your purchase.

Our complimentary resizing service covers adjustments of up to two sizes, within six months of receipt, provided resizing is feasible.
For resizings exceeding two sizes, a fee of $99 applies. Upon receiving your request, our team will assess the feasibility of resizing and discuss it with you. Depending on your ring’s complexity, additional costs may apply, particularly if the ring needs to be remade from scratch.
We’ll inform you of any additional expenses in advance and clarify whether the size change should proceed.

For rings with engravings, we typically place them on the side to avoid removal during resizing. However, there may be rare instances
where re-engraving is necessary, at the customer’s expense.

During the resizing process, small amounts of metal may be added or removed to achieve the desired size adjustment, resulting in slight thickness variations. This variation is subtle and may or may not be noticeable to you. Rest assured, your resized ring will undergo thorough quality assurance inspection to ensure it meets our high standards before being cleaned and polished for return.

If you’re unsure of your finger size, refer to our Ring Sizing Guide or reach out to one of our sales consultants via phone or email for assistance.


Find Your Ring Size

Australia Internal Diameter /
Circumference (mm)​
13.9 / 43.6
F 1/2
14.1 / 44.2
14.3 / 44.8
G 1/2
14.5 / 45.5
14.7 / 46.1
14.9 / 46.7
15.1 / 47.4
I 1/2
15.3 / 48
15.5 / 48.7
J 1/2
15.7 / 49.3
15.9 / 49.9
K 1/2
16.1 / 50.6
16.3 / 51.2
L 1/2
16.5 / 51.8
16.7 / 52.5
M 1/2
16.9 / 53.1
17.1 / 53.8
N 1/2
17.3 / 54.4
17.5 / 55
O 1/2
17.7 / 55.7

How To Measure

  1. Grab a tape measure, length of string or strip of paper.
  2. Wrap it around the finger you'll wear your ring on—if you’re creating a ring stack, consider where on your finger the ring will sit—and mark the place where it joins.
  3. Lay your string or paper strip on a flat surface and use a ruler to measure the length up to the mark. Use the chart above to match the measurement to the closest ring size.
  1. Choose a ring that already fits your finger well.
  2. Measure the interior diameter of the ring in millimeters (mm).
  3. Use the measurement chart above to match the size of your ring to the closest size in mm.

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